About Us

Our company consists of both experienced and young researchers and engineers, who are capable of solving unique problems, using innovative ways, based on system approach and scientific knowledge.

On the one hand, our activity consists of basic and applied research in materials science, based on creating new family of materials, technologies and processes. On the other hand, we cover development activities in the field of chemical and mechanical engineering. The relevant professional competencies and creative problem solving approach of our team are also proved by our external R & D & I assignments and scientific-technical partner collaborations. Participation in research and development tenders is also essentially linked to our activities.

Our other, no less important activity – partly from our own resources, as a result of our research, development and innovation activities carried out systematically for years – is the design, development and production of laboratory and semi-industrial scale, individual or small series flow chemical and chemical equipment. In the chemical and flow chemical fields, we have several reactor families developed, and even reactor types and syringe pumps.

The founders, managers and employees of H-ION Ltd are committed to scientific and technical developments. Maintaining and strengthening our company’s reputation and market position is guaranteed by reliable, high-quality, efficient work and quality management. We truly belive in the continuous development of the quality policy and corporate culture, that ensures the achievement of our goals. We believe in the creating power of thoughts, the legitimacy of creative ideas, and the necessity for continuous innovation. We believe that we can build a company capable of achieving international success from our scientific and technological ideas, through systematic research, development and innovation. Last but not least, we believe that the real value of a company is not the rates of it’s shares, but the members who work for each other.


László Gencsi
László Gencsi
Chief Executive Officer
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Zoltán Czafik
Zoltán Czafik
Chief Operative Officer
Ottó Temesi
Ottó Temesi
Research & Development Director
Zoltán Boros
Zoltán Boros
Head of Chemistry
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Our main goals

  • solution-centric, far-reaching problem management and service in materials science
  • research, development and introduction of new technologies, processes and materials
  • application of new materials science results to industrial, agricultural and technological problems
  • implementation and application of environmental friendly and efficient energy usage
  • diverting young people’s interest towards science and engineering (mentoring, recruitment career entrants, lectures)
  • as a result of the above, the creation of NEW JOBS

We believe that the field of materials science research and development is one of the breakout points of Hungary, as it represents almost 70% of all research areas worldwide. To the best of our knowledge, we have a solution-centric approach to our partners’ problems that require materials science. We consider our activity not only as work, but also passion. Our relationships are colorful, we are involved in several collaborations, together with universities, research institutions or industrial partners. Building on our achievements in research and development, our medium-term goals include the launch of small-scale production.

From Concept

to Completion


Quality Politics

The owners and managers of our company have defined individual and small series production as main market strategy. As part of the strategy, we wish to produce special equipment that cannot be obtained on the market for the leading companies in Hungary and Europe.

Conditions for implementing the market strategy:

  1. A customer relationship based on maximum flexibility, high quality and unquestionable reliability
  2. Continuous monitoring and development of our internal operational efficiency
  3. Creating an innovative corporate culture with maximum quality in mind and striving for optimal efficiency

An outstanding element of the implementation of the strategy is the operation of the quality management system, according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the continuous development of its effectiveness.
To achieve all these goals, our leaders do their best to meet the following:

  1. Their internal communication and actions set an example of their commitment to Quality Management and the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system
  2. Through their activities, they continuously develop the commitment of our colleagues in this direction
  3. Present the opportunities and potential results in the development of MIR
  4. The external communication of the company should reflect their approach to the importance of Quality Management
  5. Emphasize the importance of satisfying customer needs during their daily work

To meet this criteria, the Quality Policy is displayed on the company website, the operation of the Quality Management System is evaluated annually, and the possibility of development is ensured by setting up quality objectives.
They provide the necessary resources to accomplish all these goals.