Since the establishment of our company, it has been striving to expand its research capacity. In addition, we deal with various materials science researches in cooperation with our research institute and academic partners.

Our basic and applied research areas cover a wide range of materials science. In the search for answers to numerous industrial problems, we came across issues that required deeper investigation.

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Our test and measurement methods

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)10
EDAX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis)10
TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)10
XRD (X-ray Diffraction)10
DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)10
DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis)10
Micro-Vickers hardness test10
Optical microscope10
NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)10

We use technologies such as induction melting in normal, reducing and inert atmospheres, normal melting, low and high energy mechanical grinding and crushing, electrochemical separation, magnetron sputtering (DC, RF), ultrafast cooling (up to 10 000 000 °C/s in case of molten metals).

Research fields
  • liquid metals and alloys at room temperature
  • LME effect (Liquid Metal Embrittlement)
  • GBP effect (Grain Boundary Penetration)
  • GBW effect (Grain Boundary Wetting)
  • amorphous alloys
  • amorphous nanocrystalline alloys
  • quasicrystal structures
  • high-entropy alloys
  • heat conduction, heat radiation and heat flow in nanostructured materials
  • photolytic and photocatalytic reactions
  • combustion optimization
  • surface activation procedures
  • hydrolysis of aluminum
  • nano aluminum hydrate
  • non-ferrous metal and alloy thin films (nano and micro)
  • hydrogen production
  • micro- and nanoporosity
  • ultraporous aluminium oxide
  • cryogels
  • soft magnetic properties and materials
  • superhydrophobic properties and surfaces


In many cases, our researches are driven by pre-existing problems. For this reason, we further develop them based on industrial needs, and implement prototype equipment, products, materials, know-hows and industrial property protection from them.

We consider it highly important that the research results are realized in a prototype, product or technology.

Fields of development

nanoparticle and colloid production10
water treatment technologies10
rapid cooling device10
low and high temperature thermal insulation thin films10
heat insulating and heat resistant ceramics10
combustion optimization10
high efficiency inert gas cleaning10
special heat treatment technologies10
wear-resistant metal thin coatings10
chemical equipment10

The goal of all our research and development work is an innovative implementation, which can have the following results:

  • the cost of existing technology can be reduced
  • introducing new technology
  • new product or substance may be released on the market
  • new prototype pilot, semi-industrial or operational equipment is made for the new products development
  • opportunities to enter new market segments
  • new positions are created
  • increase profit

Of course, the fastest possible return and market demands are also our main priorities.

The new startup companies we support, play an important role when introducing new results to the market. Each of them are designed to take advantage of a new result.