Continuous-flow filtration system

  • Size of filter belt: 0.1 m2
  • Pore size of filter belt: 10 µm
  • Length of filter belt: 800 mm
  • Vacuum zones: 4 (independent)
  • Velocity of filter belt: 0.5 – 2 meter/hours
  • Optional filter belt materials: PE
  • Capacity: 5 L/hours in case of suspensions (up to 250 g/L concentration)
  • Independently operated, multi zones vacuum spaces
  • Moving filtration surface with in wide range variable belt speed
  • Individual washing jet system
  • Automated filtrate, and filter cake collection
  • User friendly interface
  • Optional remote control and data collection
  • Optional mode of control (analog or digital)
  • Optional accessary: infrared technology mediated drying system


We offer an automatized, compact, modular designed, laboratory sized continuous-flow filtration system with flat ribbon. This innovative continuous-flow filtration system allows numerous new possibilities in field of flow chemistry. This equipment was sized directly to the laboratory hoods. The continuously moving ribbon was designed as a filtering surface, with four independently operating vacuum zones. Our continuous-flow filtration system is equipped with built-in jets for filter cake and filter surface washing. The equipment includes filter collector system for each zone, which can be controlled manually or automatically. Thanks to its design, adjustable height and wheels the continuous-flow filtration system ensures easy handling, and simply integrate to the laboratories.