Syringe pumps

  • Maximum applicable pressure: 100 bar
  • Range of applicable temperature: -30 – 150 °C
  • Range of flow rate: 0.01 – 25 mL/min (depends on applicable pressure)
  • Easy handling
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Optional mode of control (OEM, PC, buttons or touchscreen)


Syringe pumps have been designed directly to flow chemistry application. These products support precise dosage of liquids. Our syringe pumps can be cooled or heated, and available in single or dual channels design. We offer three different type of syringe pumps: low pressure pumps (up to 6 bar), medium pressure pumps (up to 20 bar), high pressure pumps (up to 120 bar). Our syringe pumps ensure easy handling and thanks to their modular design simply integrate to the flow chemistry systems.